Mold Cleanup Mobile, AL

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 Are you in need of Mold Cleanup in Mobile, AL? Many building materials, (such as wood, sheetrock and carpet) provide the food that can support mold growth. Controlling moisture is the key to stopping indoor mold growth, because molds require water to grow.

What is Mold and Where Does it Come From?

Mold is fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. There are over tens of thousands of species. Mold grows best in warm, damp, and humid conditions. They spread and reproduce making spores. Spores can survive dry conditions that do not support normal growth. Truthfully, mold is everywhere, molds are almost like germs; you can’t see it, not all of it is harmful and under the right conditions is can spread. Mold is present in every home, no matter how clean or dirty, the important factor is how much mold is present in a home in comparison to how much mold is present outside the home. For example, a mold count for a healthy home in Mobile will be higher than a mold count for a healthy home in Denver. This is because of the difference in climate, more mold spores are present in the outside air in Mobile verses that in Denver, so naturally it is acceptable to have a higher mold count indoors as well.

Moisture Can Come From a Wide Variety of Sources:

  • Flooding from the outside (storm water, overflowing bodies of water, storm surges, etc.)
  • Flooding from inside (plumbing leaks, leaking appliances or sewage systems overflow)
  • Condensation (caused by indoor humidity)
  • Poor ventilation indoors (steam from cooking or showering)
  • Humidifier use
  • Drying wet clothes indoors without proper ventilation
  • Warm, moist air from outdoors
  • Liquid spills

Identifying Different Types of Common Mold Found in Homes:


This mold grows anywhere that high humidity levels are found. This mold is a toxic mold and needs to be removed be a specialist. It is most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms with poor ventilation.


This type of mold grows on painted surfaces and in air ducts with fiberglass. It looks like pepper – granted it is non-toxic, but it can still cause severe allergy problems for you and your family. The bathroom is this type of molds favorite spot to breed.


One of the most common types of mold, we encounter. If you have ever left food  on the counter or in the fridge too long you know what this looks like. If this is  seen on your  food it should be thrown away immediately.


A mold that is airborne mold that travels from outdoors to indoors in your bedroom. This mold can be found on carpet, clothes, or other surfaces.  It varies on color from dark green to dark brown and has velvet like texture.

How Does Mold Affect You?

There are four types of health problems that come from exposure to mold: allergic reactions, irritant effects, infection and toxic effects. Most molds can trigger asthma in people with asthma problems. Molds tend to most often affect the elderly and small children.

Common Misconceptions about Mold:

  • Many people believe as long as mold is dead it is safe. FALSE. Regardless, mold dead or alive is still harmful to our lungs. And to get rid of it you have to completely remove it from your home, so call Complete DKI to assist you with your mold cleanup needs in Mobile, AL.
  • Spraying bleach on mold is not a good idea. Yes, bleach does kill off some bacteria, with mold however it does more harm than good. Once bleach is sprayed on the mold, you have dampened the area and allowed the mold to move around more freely. Bleach also leaves porous surfaces nitrogen rich which is ideal for microbial growth – hint MOLD.

What Should You Do If Your Home Is Affected By Mold?

If your home has a serious issue with mold, over 2 square feet, as defined by the state, then a professional remediation company can help! Always call professionals when you notice a serious problem. Complete DKI is an Alabama certified mold remediation company. Complete DKI is a renowned leader in mold cleanup in Mobile, AL. Complete DKI uses the most up to date equipment and follows the highest industry standards to safeguard you and your loved ones as quickly and safely as possible. Our national team of environmental remediators can asses and mitigate the most complicated remediation projects thanks to the most advanced training and inspection instruments available to the industry. Complete DKI is here to help! Give us a call today!!